Event organizing


At our stable we offer team building events and personality development trainings with horses. Leadership management or human and horse cooperation games. The games take place from ground, but if you want we can also go on a ride in the forest. All these activities are under the supervision of our people. We can also offer relay track and hurdle track. For a calm closing we can offer picnic and barbeque place. If it is necessary, we can offer some of our cooperation partners from catering companies.

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Ice skating in a romantic ice rink at the winter, volleyball at the summer, water activity, cycling tracks, track throw the swamp – that is what we can offer for those who are not interested in horses.

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Not only we offer a place where you can celebrate your birthday, but also we can organize an entertainment program. Games with horses, horseback riding, photo session. You can look for more information at other sections.

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We have lot of space and lawn meadow, so your children will have plenty of space where to have fun and run around. At the winter session, we can offer one 20 m² big room.
At any weather conditions the main thing will be horses. At first we will have a tour around the stable. We will show what horse eats, where horse sleeps. Everyone will be able to feed, clean and comb the horses. Afterwards children can ride with a pony or the big horse (it depends on your desire). After the ride our animators can entertain the children.

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The big wedding ceremonies of course are organized by the wedding agencies, but if you want a private and intimate celebration only for two of you, or with few of the closest people, we can offer our help to organize your special day. Decorated wedding place, laid table, photo session with a professional photographer and stylist.

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Engagement, wedding anniversary, or romantic surprise – we can offer our help to organize these beautiful events.


Horses and everything that is related with horses, today is exclusive. Throw times aristocratic tradition on Sunday mornings have been horse riding, golf and enjoying the tea. We have started to hold an annual event ‘Aristocracy afternoon’. It is an event that gathers people with aristocratic lifestyle and we introduce them with the world of horses. A very important part of this event is dress code, that is an elegant equestrian clothes. The event is held at spring and we announce a specific date at our homepage and throw social media.

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Wider or narrower number of people every year celebrate annual and traditional holidays at Zirgzandales. At the Midsummer people are invited to attend the event with national folk costumes, because the celebration is held in a traditional way. At Easter in a large pot we make soup and pain eggs. But at New Year we usually play fun games and watch the fireworks.

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Of course gentlemen on a horse is very attractive, but if the party guests want something more than just horses, we can offer alternatives- Segway’s, antique cars, archery, fencing, strip dance on a horse, man survival school and other activities. At the end we can organize Pop-up restaurant.


Horseback riding throw the forest and activities with horses are always interesting, also at hen’s parties. We can organize a photographer that will make beautiful pictures, so you could remember the moment. After the ride you can stay at our bower and enjoy the time spent together. If it is necessary, we can organize a restaurant for the event.


Fire Hawk organization organizes firewalk events and master classes at Zirgandales. In 2015 they organized biggest firewalk event in the Baltics. We welcomed more than 150 participants, who took a part in this event.

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